Is your dog or cat sick?

Are you too busy or unable to get to the vet?

Is your pet afraid to leave the house?

Do you want the doctor to come to you?

Animal Medical Center's Mobile Veterinary Service is here to help.

We offer: House calls, pick-up and drop off services, in-home euthenasia, and in-home consultations. Our dedicated team arrives with a veterinarian and a veterinary nurse to offer the same quality service you receive in our animal hospital, as well as all the medical supplies needed for any situation.

Give us a call today at 954-741-2776 for more details.



Animal Medical Center now offers laser therapy for your pet in the comfort of your own home. Companion Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment system for cats and dogs. Laser Therapy is available at the animal hospital or our mobile team with come to your home to the treatments. Call 954-741-2776 for more information.